$103.00 - $130.00

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this clutch is as practical as it is stunning. Featuring a gold-colored clasp, it ensures the security of your valuables while dancing the night away or mingling with loved ones. This dependable and stylish closure adds a touch of glamour and opulence to the clutch, elevating its appeal even further.

Its exquisite ruffle details placed meticulously on the front serve as an elegant and captivating focal point, complimenting the refined aesthetics of any wedding ensemble. This alluring accessory transcends ephemeral trends, embodying a classic and timeless appeal that is sure to remain enchanting for generations to come.

What sets this clutch apart is its unmatched ability to be personalized with a touch of love and thoughtfulness. Imagine being able to adorn the interior lining with a cherished photograph that captures a precious moment—be it a candid shot, a meaningful symbol, or a beloved portrait. This personalized photo lining transforms the clutch into a deeply sentimental keepsake, forever encapsulating the emotions and memories of your wedding day.

Additionally, the clutch can further embody your unique story through the addition of a personalized inscription. Seamlessly incorporated into the design, this customized feature allows you to engrave a heartfelt message, a significant date, or the initials of your loved ones. Such an intimate touch brings an unparalleled sense of sentiment and individuality to this accessory, making it an unforgettable gift for the bride, bridesmaids, mother, or mother-in-law.

To accommodate varied tastes and color palettes, this extraordinary clutch is available in an array of enchanting hues. Choose a shade to perfectly complement your wedding aesthetic, allowing you to curate a cohesive and visually stunning experience.

Dimensions: 5" high
7" across top
8.5 across bottom
2.5" deep

Metal clasp opening on top.
Fabric: Satin
Handcrafted in the USA

*** If ordered with inscription: Note your inscription in the checkout message.

*** If ordered with photo lining: Send your photo to this email address with you first last name and color choice: [email protected]