Banana Cottage® is a handmade business located in Northern California. We design and make clothing accessories such as purses, face masks and headbands. 

It started 15 years ago in the Spring of 2005 when I just moved to California from my native country, Indonesia. 

Growing up in a rice village in Indonesia, my family always knew how to get creative when it came time for a special occasion or giving a gift. It is this part of my past that has helped me tap into my childhood creativity and encourage it to flourish.

I moved to the United States after completing college and quickly adapted to the inspired and artistic vibe that surrounded me. To me, there has always been something so magical about a skein of un-sewn fabric. It represents joy, hope and endless possibilities!

Nestled in the heart of wine country, in Northern California, I can often be found cutting new patterns or meticulously sewing a new creation from the comfort of my home studio. Each design is truly a labor of love and I put just a little bit of my soul into each one.

As a self-taught artisan, I have trailed my own path to make each one of my creations truly unique while adding my own personal touches. 

All of my creations are handmade from my "Banana Cottage" studio. I design each one to tell a story of its own so that it lights up your very being from the moment you use it.


Murwati Dwaileebe