Finding inspiration in her own backyard, Murwati is a textile artist and designer currently living in Petaluma, California. She finds inspiration in the simple beauty of her natural surroundings, recalling carefree days of youth “playing with whatever was available in nature: dragonflies, butterflies, flowers.”

In business since 2007, Murwati is now settled in the heart of wine country, and can often be found cutting a pattern or meticulously sewing a new creation from the comfort of her Banana Cottage studio. Each design is a labor of love, and she maintains: “I put a little bit of my soul into each one.”

Each piece is heirloom quality; each individually made and designed to tell a story of its own. Currently specializing in unique purses and clutches. Murwati uses only top quality fabrics and materials to make each purse, according to her customer’s individual needs. Bridging the gap between fashion and art, the purses can be personalized with custom messages, printed with photographs or color-matched to an outfit. This makes them very popular as bridesmaids gifts or unique accessories.